Firmware Files Not Uploading – Known Issue With 1.1(4e)

If you’ve unsuccessfully tried several times to upload files to your ACI fabric on version 1.1(4e), you may be encountering this issue:

From the APIC v1.2(1i) release notes (available here).

“Due to bug CSCux40954, which was resolved in this release, the Cisco APIC firmware process using the Upload button from the GUI does not work.  The upload appears to complete successfully, but the firmware is not updated in the repository. You must instead download the image using SCP or HTTP from a server to the APIC.”

Now if you don’t have an HTTP or SCP server in your management network, don’t fret.  Using SCP, you can actually *push* the files you need from a Windows workstation to APIC, and it’s easier than you think.  No administrative credentials required!*

* You will have to download and run an .exe file.  So there’s that.

First, head over to the Putty download page and grab pscp.exe.  If you don’t have PuTTY or some other SSH program, grab that too.


Place pscp.exe and your APIC and 9K images where you can find them.  On the desktop, for example:


Open up a command prompt and upload each file using the following syntax:

pscp (filename) admin@(yourAPICip):/home/admin/(filename)


You’ll be prompted for credentials.  Repeat this step for the second file.


Next, SSH into the APIC via PuTTY or your preferred SSH client.  Your files should be in the /admin/home directory, as specified above.


You’ll need to add each file to the APIC’s firmware repository using the “firmware add (filename)” command.  More information regarding these commands can be found here.


After adding both of these files to the repository, they will display under Admin > Firmware > Firmware Respository.  From this point on, you may proceed with the upgrade through the GUI, or CLI.


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